I’m Back


About 3 years ago I was standing in my kitchen and I heard the words very clearly come to me ” Living Whole with Nicole” I got so excited. Began this blog right away, started a Facebook fan page. I got several posts on my blog, then I hit a wall. Does anyone else get great ideas and do nothing with them? Getting ideas has never been an issue for me. The issues has always been in the planning, consistency and follow through!

I am so grateful my God gives me what I need when I need it. A beautiful woman I really respect in business spoke into my life. She said you must have a planner with your day written out. I also got confirmation of that as I was listening to a Dani Johnson CD (success coach) when she said the exact same thing!

I immediately began the search for the perfect planner to keep me organized. My search stopped when I came across Limelife Planners!! I placed my order right away and fell in love the second it arrived. This is truly the most functional planner I have ever owned. And the quality is top notch. UPDATE: Limelife is generously offering 15% off to my readers if you use the code: LIVINGWHOLE this will be good till may 31st.




I have finally found planner peace šŸ™‚ We are 3 months into 2016 and I have done more in 3 months then I have done in 12. My house is staying clean and organized, my thoughts clear, I have more focus and best of all I now lay my head down at night feeling accomplished!


OK I have said all that to say I am back with Living Whole with Nicole! Where this journey will end up IDK šŸ™‚ but follow me as I continue my quest to live a healthier more balanced life.



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